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Taxi is a new way for Kiwi businesses to use their provisional tax payments to access working capital at around half the rate of a big bank overdraft.

We partnered with the wonderful Tax Traders team to create the name, brand idea, brand identity, positioning and launch website for this radical new concept.

Taxi is the new way to use your provisional tax payments to access working capital at rates half that of a big bank overdraft, with a much easier, self-serve process. It’s how Kiwi owners can keep more cash moving in their business.

Taxi is a venture from Tax Traders, one of three companies in New Zealand who the IRD work with for Tax Pooling. Taxi operate a 2.2b tax pool today, and are an accountant and lawyer run business with more than a decade of experience, and 800 accountant firm partners.  Taxi is built to help every business in NZ get the best of the tax system, that until now only the biggest companies have been able to access.

As a new idea that was previously only available for the big players, in the world of tax that can glaze eyes over, our job was to land a brand platform that would be easy to understand, engaging and would create a sense of momentum. This new offer is amazing. It helps turn tax into a positive and we wanted a brand to carry this idea.

Safety, security and certainty were vital, so the credentials of the company behind it, the acknowledgement of the IRD and the production values were vital for creating confidence.

Taxi is here to for onto-it business owners who want to keep moving. Beep Beep! Let’s go!

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It has been a pleasure to work with the world-class team and 
the agency partners on the execution, PR and media. Taxi is launching first quarter of 2024. We can’t wait to see the impact this business can make for New Zealand.

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