At Previously, our mission has been to build up a combination of experience, expertise and talent capable of consistently creating significant in-market commercial success.

We are unique in that we often take an equity stake in the companies we work with, and launch and grow successful ventures of our own. Our money is often where our mouths are – and over the past 8 years we’ve built an uncommonly consistent track record of success.

Our Track Record

2023: Ideally

2023: Caffeine

2021: Tracksuit

2020: AF Drinks

In the first Covid lockdown of 2020, we partnered with Eat My Lunch’s Lisa King on her sophomore venture. We took an equity stake in the business and worked with Lisa through the product and business creation, launch and early stages. We gave the company it’s irreverent name. We branded AF’s secret booze-like ingredient Afterglow™. We created Drunk AF, a podcast of famous New Zealanders who don’t drink. We created the AF Number, a new metric that allows us to track our contribution to improving alcohol behaviour. And their website, Curious AF, is a haven of content for those wanting to be inspired by the alcohol-free world. AF fast became the clear leader in their burgeoning category, achieving widespread distribution and sales success throughout New Zealand.

2020: Odd Company

2019: Helius Theraputics

2018: Compostic

2017: Hawker & Roll

2016: Toothcrush

2015: Simplicity Kiwisaver

2015: Spark New Zealand

2014: Stolen Spirits


Cannes Lions

Futurity Bioventures

"The impact that Spark Life 2025 had on staff was extraordinary. It made the intangible conversations about innovation and our future seem real to people. For once everybody really got where we're going and felt exctied and special about being part of Spark."


“Most importantly, they’re a critical input into working out whether an idea will actually work in the marketplace. It’s easy to be seduced by innovation, but it’s getting the idea to actually work in the marketplace that’s their special sauce.”