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New Zealanders use enough nasty plastic cling film to wrap the world around the equator twice. We worked with Compostic to launch their brand and their world-first home compostable cling wrap.

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Compostic are one of the first companies we worked with on a venture basis, for equity rather than fee. From before they had a product, brand or name, they had a big vision we loved - they wanted to replace single use plastics with home compostable alternatives, and make it effortless for consumers to do better. 

We first worked with founder Jon Reed on some of the world’s first compostable ecommerce mailer bags and supermarket bags, and then when the single use plastic ban caught the hero product, we pivoted together to the launch of the world’s first home compostable cling wrap. 

We partnered on branding, copy, packaging, customer strategy and brand story, helping create the first assets, messages and elements for the brand. In order to launch strongly we created high-fidelity packaging for the first prototype cling film box. This prototype package was what was handed to the buyers at the meetings with grocery. Today, three years, three countries, thousands of doors and millions of dollars of sales later, the packaging is still 90% true to the first prototype we made together, showing how creating professional brand assets early on can fast-track success.

We have worked in support and strategy on award winning videos with PixelPush and supported ongoing on website and messaging projects.

It’s been magic to be part of the Compostic mission to rid plastic from the home, as they help lead a movement to turn wasteful landfill plastics into a regenerating compost resource, never compromising on product performance, and making being more sustainable effortless for all.  

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