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Starshipit are the leaders in shipping and fulfilment, successfully moving the most volume in Australasia and serving some of the biggest and most progressive retailers, like Culture Kings and Lorna Jane, while leading the industry in 5 star ratings for their product and customer support.

They came to us as their product, operations and service had got ahead of their brand, and they were ambitious for a brand and positioning that truly captured what made them special and set them apart in an often undifferentiated space.

Starshipit is all about delivering great shipping experiences. They do it for their retailers, and their features allow retailers to make shipping as good as the rest of the experiences they provide their customers. And this is not the norm!

Most shipping is still stuck in a B2B mindset — and everyone would have experienced this. Retailers put so much energy into making and sourcing great products, creating great online and in-store brand and customer experiences, websites, images and promotions. But then once something is purchased, suddenly customers are thrown into a random world of updates with confusing strings of numbers from all sorts of operators. The connection to the product and brand disappears. Not so with Starshipit’s features enabled.

This positioning meant we are able to ask online retailers if their shipping experience is as good as everything else the brand does, and if it isn’t, we can help with that.

This position sits atop the best practice shipping and fulfilment platform idea — as their automations, workflows and system allows retailers to make something a pain a breeze, and choose from the best courier partners and integrations in the industry.

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We then worked to capture these concepts and portray them in a brand that could take Starshipit from being a technology platform brand for retailers to being a retail brand selling technology. We benchmarked against the best retail tech brands, like Shopify and Square, and elevated the brand from shipping tech to retail tech.

To bring the brand strategy to life, we created a modular system inspired by packaging ephemera; labels, tape, stickers and boxes. The satisfying way these shapes shuffle and stack into compact arrangements reflects the ease and simplicity of Starshipit’s platform. To add moments of warmth and delight, we paired a friendly palette with hand-drawn illustration.

We heroed the team and amazing customers through beautiful imagery from Reagan Butler as well as partnering with Starshipit and New Territory to deliver the website, providing copy and creative direction and UX support.

The team at Starshipit and the project in total was a dream from start to finish. This is a common situation where a company has grown to be more than is captured in their current brand, but the ambition, clarity and execution from Starshipit is uncommonly awesome.