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The extraordinary New Zealand startup formerly known as FreightFish partnered with us in 2020 as they discovered their initial business model - using ultra-fast foiling seacraft to carry shipping containers across the ocean at the speed of air freight - had proven unviable.

The new direction for the business is foiling passenger ferries, and they are working toward major ferry services that are three times as fast, cause far less ocean and environmental damage than diesel ferries, and provide a ‘business class’ experience at sea. We worked with them to re-name their company, set their purpose, redesign their identity, and imagine and plan the passenger experience.

The core logomark represents the upward motion of foiling and how the foil hits and interacts with the water (in its most simplistic form). We created a graphic system that has flexibility to be used across multiple applications — and who knows, maybe one day it'll end up along the side of the seacraft itself!

Seachange exists to change the way we treat our oceans. By creating more positive experiences and displacing diesel passenger transit, they will lead a seachange.

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