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Global from Day 1

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Creating a brand story and identity with one of New Zealand’s top-tier VC firms to help the best New Zealand companies, founders and teams Believe Bigger. 

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GD1 are one of New Zealand’s most experienced and significant venture capital firms. They came to Previously shortly after the launch of their new fund and having had a number of internationally experienced new key partners join the firm. 

We worked with the team to define a brand strategy and positioning in market that would clearly communicate their differentiating factors in a field that can sometimes see a lot of similar messages. We honed in on the global networks, experience and empowerment capability of the team, and the goal of the company to help take New Zealand companies to the world’s biggest markets. Many local venture backed companies do really well in the Australasian scene, but can sometimes find it harder to take a leadership position in much bigger, more distant markets. Through the process we defined that the issue was not a lack of local talent or capability. The issue we identified is that if your network and frame of reference is set locally the scale of the problem you set out to solve can be also. It comes down to belief that you can go all the way, and it is that belief, as well as the scaffolding to succeed that GD1 is best set to deliver. 

GD1’s brand purpose is to help the best New Zealand companies, founders and teams to believe bigger, and to be the VC firm creating connections and pathways for all truly globally ambitious founders and investors. 

With a goal to foster, fan and celebrate global ambition, we visually expressed this concept and positioning through a contemporary yet established tonality (to acknowledge the significant scale of the firm and its reach). We created a unique globe logo mark and graphic framing system to hero portfolio companies and their stories. The brand identity uses Klim Type Foundry fonts to hero the best of New Zealand design.

Along with core brand assets, we supported GD1 and Harry Burt on the website, and commissioned core logo animations for the brand.

As huge believers in the talent we have here, it was a pleasure to be part of this project.

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