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Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

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Each summer, around 1000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. To raise money to launch a free counselling service for those women, we created a unique fundraising initiative.

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Leveraging the power of scarcity, we created 1000 different t-shirts, numbered one to 1,000 - then sold them for the dollar value of their individual numbers.
Each shirt printed was unique in its design using a bespoke front originally designed for Wallpaper* magazine and donated by New York based company, Commercial Type.

First to benefit from the 1000 Tees for 1000 Women campaign were those women whose lives were recently shaken up with a diagnosis. At the core of the campaign is a new counselling service that will help first them, then other women, grapple with the issues around diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

One-on-one sessions will deal with individual concerns, expanding the range of support services now available. The Breast Cancer Foundation's ambassador for the campaign was survivor and Viva wellbeing editor Rebecca Wadey, who said:

"Providing personalised support is overwhelmingly important. The 1000 women diagnosed this summer will be at different stages in their lives, and will want support in different ways."

The teeshirts were bought by women and men across the country, including by then-prime minister John Key and then-labour MP Jacinda Ardern.

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