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We’ve led brand and messaging development for one of New Zealand’s most ambitious bioengineering startups, working to change how plastic products are made, used and recycled.

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Futurity came to us with a huge vision. Their goal was to change the way consumers used, re-used and returned plastic goods, to create near lossless systems and closed loops for endlessly recyclable products. Their vision stretched from the goods right up to how they were made, the materials they were made of, how they were made, and right down to how the goods would be reclaimed, recycled and reintroduced to use after the consumer was finished. They wanted to change the material plastic was made out of from carbon polluting oil, to renewable pine, and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

This is a big project involving establishing a biorefinery, establishing manufacturing and research and development, establishing consumer brands, and leading a conversation in national and international government, industry and company leadership around the way we make, use and run the end-of life for plastic goods. 

We worked with the team on creating a brand system and assets that could talk to individual or specific audiences, and have enough flex to appeal to consumers at music festivals, and also to the leadership of some of the world’s biggest companies and organisations. 

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This project was led by a very clear purpose and goal, that we helped them express through their brand story, explainer videos, website and collateral. 

We created a brand system that was contemporary and futuristic, but also felt established and credibly based in their disruptive science. 

Part of our work involved researching market entry to large international markets for closed-loop consumer products, with in-market research and feasibility studies undertaken. 

The system required targeted asset production for different audiences, with separate websites for the biorefinery project, explaining the process clearly and positioning the company as a serious and credible player, and also targeted design for the end users, distributors and key opinion leaders.

We created websites and real-world collateral and in this work we picked up a nod at the Best Awards for a promotional packing project carried out in conjunction with Think Packaging. 

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