Over the past 10 years, the Previously Unavailable Innovation Team have partnered with some of New Zealand’s most ambitious corporates, private companies, and founders to bring new innovation to the world.

What we do
We work across almost any industry and business stage; from pre-seed start-ups creating new categories or disrupting incumbents, through to more mature businesses searching for their next wave of growth, or defending their position as innovative market leaders.

While technically we do ‘consult’, we are definitely not your typical consultants.  We roll our sleeves up, sweat the challenge as much as our Partners do, and see success as delivering real impact in market, not a strategy that sits on the shelf gathering dust.  
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Types of challenges we solve:
We partner with ambitious businesses across a range of project types. These can be discrete projects solving a focused challenge, or can be more strategic, multi-faceted and longer-horizon innovation programs. In any case, our work typically fall’s into one of 4 project types:  

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New Product or Service Innovation

Bringing new things into the world is what we do best. From new FMCG products or variants, through to designing new digital-based or in-person services.

This can mean a single, focused project or launch right through to developing a multi-product, multi-brand or multi-horizon pipeline of new innovation. We’re adept at navigating the often-complex stakeholder dynamics of larger business settings, and work equally well leading a team of internal leaders and experts in our Partner’s businesses, as we are tackling a challenge as a largely external team.

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New Innovation Models & Strategy

Many of our clients want more than just a one-off innovation and are instead looking for ways to make the way they innovate (and sometimes fail) more successful.

We help develop innovation strategies, processes, training and models to take them from ambition to impact faster, better and more consistently. This also extends to designing, building, launching and running both internal and entirely external incubators carved out from our Partner’s core business.

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Complete Venture Development

Bringing together all of the skills and experience in our team, we’re well-versed in building entirely new ventures from the ground-up, designing, testing, and iterating all aspects of the ventures business model including customer, product, brand, channel, commercial, operational people and investment components.

We have experience across both physical and digital product and service businesses, and have worked with both new Founders yet to form a wider team and established businesses entering into a business model, category or vertical they’re not yet experienced or confident in.

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Bespoke Innovation Challenges

Sometimes a challenge is unlike any other; we’re well-heeled at using a range of innovation techniques to solve complex, bespoke challenges of all shapes and sizes.

This can mean getting us involved early in your innovation challenge as you are still trying to understand what a problem really is or assess a potential opportunity. Or it might mean forming a lean, focused team to crack a particular, gnarly business challenge that has been difficult to crack with your normal approach. We love brief that opens with “I’ve got a weird one for you…”.

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You can work with us to...

We offer a range of strategy, design and executional services which can be employed together in a large innovation programme, or as individual assignments. You can work with us to...

Plan your innovation strategy
Conceive and develop new innovation ideas
Take your idea from concept to prototype to reality
Take your startup from idea to market launch
Develop and design new products or services
Develop and design new platforms or experiences
Develop and design concepts that are unusual,
untraditional, or difficult to categorise
Plan or reimagine your customer experience
Develop a strategy to position or reimagine your
brand and tell your story
Design or redesign your brand
Develop your capital raise story and pitch deck
Design and execute your packaging
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Who we are
Our core and wider PU team includes a diverse mix of skills, backgrounds and perspectives; we are strategists, designers, management consultants, researchers, business analysts, marketers, developers and engineers.

The strength of our team and approach lies in our ability to harness those diverse skillsets in an integrated way to see your challenge from all angles and design innovative solutions that nail that sweet spot between customer desirability, technical feasibility and commercial viability.

What we all have in common is a deep inquisitiveness (almost ridiculously so!), and a passion for solving tough challenges with innovative solutions for our Partners.

We would love to talk about your latest innovation challenge and see how we can help you solve it.
The core team
Eddy Dever
Partner | New Product & Service Development
Chris Edwards
Innovation Project Coordinator
Chris Paykel
Managing Partner | Innovation & Corporate Venturing
Susie Wang
Innovation Strategist
Our projects also draw on the capabilities of the wider PU team – see us all here…
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