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In 2016, in association with ATEED, we published New Zealand’s largest ever study of corporate innovation. From interviews with the CEOs of 44 of New Zealand’s largest and most influential organisations, ‘Big I, little i’ explores how to overcome the challenges of cracking meaningful innovation in corporate environments.

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In 2010, McKinsey surveyed 2,240 global executives on the topic of innovation. One of the most enlightening findings was that, while 84% said innovation was ‘extremely or very important to their companies’ growth’, just 6% said they were satisfied with their innovation efforts to date.

We started Previously Unavailable obsessed with this chasm between the importance of innovation, and large organisations’ ability to innovate successfully.

Innovation in large organisations is hard. We work with talented clients who have a true passion for innovation, and the ability to generate powerful innovation strategies and concepts. Yet they face seemingly unending challenges transforming their vision and passion into tangible outputs and results.

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In order to be a more effective partner to the New Zealand business community, we wanted to explore this issue in a more concerted and structured way.

So we set ourselves a challenge.

We’d go out and speak to every CEO of a major New Zealand organisation that would give us the time.

We would talk to them in detail about their highs and lows of innovation. We would understand their challenges. We would uncover their success stories.

And we would share the learnings among our clients and the wider New Zealand business community.

We believe that New Zealand can become the world’s most innovative nation. That being so would not only be in the interests of our clients, but in the interests of NZ Inc and indeed New Zealand as a whole.

We also believe that to accelerate that journey, we should share our challenges and learnings among each other – so that New Zealand organisations might all rise on a tide of growing innovation understanding and success.

Big I Little i Report

Big I Little i Report

by James Hurman