Case Study

AF Drinks

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When Eat My Lunch founder Lisa King stopped drinking in 2020, she discovered the lack of good non-alcoholic options available to grown-ups wanting to drink something better than soft drink.

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Together with The Tuesday Club and Inhouse Design, we took an equity stake in the business and worked with Lisa through the product and business creation stages to develop the social purpose for her new venture - to make it easier for people to explore a different relationship with alcohol.

This purpose has led us to develop a range of initiatives beyond the alcohol-free G&T product range that deliver on our strategy of making sobriety aspirational, and create an inspiring experience for those giving up or cutting back.

We gave the company it’s irreverent name. We branded AF’s secret booze-like ingredient AfterglowTM. We’ve created Drunk AF, a podcast of famous New Zealanders who don’t drink. We’ve created the AF Number, a new metric that allows us to track our contribution to improving alcohol behaviour. And we designed the website, Curious AF, to be a haven of content for those wanting to be inspired by the alcohol-free world.

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