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Genesis Energy x PU

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Retail energy is a sector characterised by a number of services all being provided in similar ways – Genesis sought to mix that up, and asked Previously Unavailable to help.

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The core of the question Genesis was posing was how they could create a distinctive, memorable service delivery – for all client types – when their product is essentially the same as all their competitors’. 

To tackle this challenge, the Previously Unavailable team devised a series of activities to first understand the existing service, map customer needs, identify opportunity areas and devise innovative solutions to the opportunities. 

Process Overview

The first aspect of the project was to understand the existing service, in which we took Genesis through our Customer Journey Mapping process, which documents the current state of what a customer goes through as well as understanding the pain points – or potential ‘gain points’ – which need to be addressed to take the experience to the next level. 

 In order to do this, we designed and ran a number of research streams to gather customer information: from in-depth customer interviews, and focus groups with different customer types, as well as large quantitative surveys. This added significant richness and depth to the insights captured in the customer journey maps. 

As is the case with many of our clients who go through this process, these Journey Maps gave Genesis the first tools to truly see and understand their end-to-end customer experience codified in one place – this can be quite a revelation for customer-centric businesses with large and complex service models. 

With this view of the current stage, we were then able to identify key areas of opportunity and innovation for the Genesis experience. These ‘Opportunity Territories’ thematically describe groupings of customer insights and needs, and gaps within the current experience where these needs and insights aren’t yet catered to. We used these Opportunity Territories in in-house ideation sessions, which sought to identify novel and innovation solutions to the opportunities at hand. 

These solutions formed the basis of our Future State view of the client experience – a description of how the service will look once the recommended solutions have been adopted. 


In the time since the future state recommendations were presented, Genesis has made significant structural and organisational changes to facilitate the expedited roll-out of the future state, including creating a new Customer Experience function within the business, which guides the ongoing work to bring the future state to life. 

Already some of the ideas which arose through this innovation process have come to life, with more expected to be seen in the coming months. 

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