Future Demand


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Why building your brand among tomorrow's customers is the key to start-up success


A start-up comes to market. They launch an innovative new product. In a totally unique way, they solve a problem for a group of customers just waiting for a solution. Using cost-effective digital marketing, they get their solution in front of those customers. It goes brilliantly. Growth happens exponentially, and at a very low cost. VCs and the media pile in. Techcrunch goes wild.

Then something strange happens. New customers become more difficult and expensive to find. The ads stop performing as well. Growth slows. Cost per acquisition begins to rise — and keeps rising. The path to profitability suddenly looks long and treacherous. Eventually, the whole thing peters out. This usually happens around three years from launch.

What happened? And how do you prevent it from happening to your start-up?

Future Demand explores the realities of how start-ups grow beyond their eager early users, providing evidence and insight into how to build your brand among the much larger group of customers who’ll buy from you in the future.

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