Brand Fund 1

A new opportunity for wholesale investors seeking exposure to start-up brands built by Previously Unavailable


Exceptional brand strategy and execution has the power to turn good companies into great companies and great companies into unicorns.

We are in a unique position to identify where brand can make that difference.

Previously Unavailable are pioneers in building and guiding brand-led early-stage New Zealand start-up companies.
Since 2019, alongside our consulting business, we have worked with a portfolio of ten companies, investing our services and resources in exchange for equity.

After 4 years, our portfolio value represents over 12x the value of our investment into those companies. Icehouse Ventures is partnering with Previously Unavailable in the creation of a VC fund providing wholesale investor access to the next portfolio of companies that are invested into and guided by Previously Unavailable.
NB: These investments Previously Unavailable has made to date do not form part of Brand Fund 1
Previously unavailable's current portfolio
Number of companies
Equity Investment
Holding Value
Portfolio Value
Key details
$4-6m fund
Closing 2023
Portfolio of ~20 companies
Includes founding portfolio investment of $200k in Martech SaaS company Tracksuit
Two-year investment period
Investing in exceptional early-stage startups with brand-centric, global focus
Providing brand and marketing stewardship alongside investment to accelerate growth
Cornerstone investment of $300k from Previously Unavailable and Icehouse Ventures
$50k minimum investment drawn in equal tranches over two years
2% management fee p.a. for first five years only
20% carried interest
Brand Fund 1 Investments
Tracksuit & Icehouse Ventures: Cornerstone Investment
Brand Fund 1 will be launching with cornerstone investment of $300,000 from Previously Unavailable and Icehouse Ventures.
Previously Unavailable is investing $200,000 in the form of Tracksuit shares which will be the first company investment for the fund. This allows access to Tracksuit for investors who missed out on the company's oversubscribed 2022 round, at the price of that round.
Icehouse Ventures is investing $100,000 in the fund. This cornerstone investment is a vote of confidence in the thesis and potential of the fund.

Update 04.2022

Announcing the aglow investment
Investment of $100,000
aglow are working to establish and popularise the idea of beauty memberships. The aglow software enables beauty clinics to design, sell and deliver membership programs to their clients.
Membership and the mega-trends around the Netflixisation of everything mean these are concepts that are familiar for consumers and customers. Currently the idea is new in this industry - like it was in gyms and health clubs and dentists 25 years ago. aglow can lead the movement to make these as normal in this industry as in gyms, dentistry or pilates clinics.

Update 04.2022

AF Drinks Investment
Investment of $100,000
AF Drinks is a New Zealand beverage innovator with the ambition of becoming the world’s leading premium alcohol-free brand. They have achieved market leadership in NZ; have award-winning products; have experienced and world-class leadership; and a growth trajectory with key US partners, distributors and stockists lined-up.
AF Drinks are the category leader in NZ for premium non-alc cocktail in a can. They have ~30% of the market here. The market is open to become the category leader in the US. This represents a huge opportunity.
Investment committee
James Hurman
James founded Previously in 2014 after a career in advertising, during which he was named the world's #1 advertising strategist. He is a globally recognized expert in brand strategy and marketing effectiveness, and has brought those skills to bear on dozens of New Zealand startup companies that he has co-founded or advised. He is the author of Future Demand: Why building your brand among tomorrow's customers is the kev to start-up success - a book that has been quickly embraced b the global VC and start-up community.
Simon Pound
Simon is an expert in technology company brand marketing. Prior to joining Previously in 2018, Simon led global brand for Vend, who went on to exit for $500M. With Previously he led the rebranding of Timely, who went on to exit for over $100M. Simon has attracted and led the thinking on many of Previously's portfolio companies. He's also the host of the popular entrepreneur-focused Business is Boring podcast for The Spinoff. Few people have as much insight into the New Zealand start-up community and its successes and learnings as Simon.
Connor Archbold
Connor joined Previously in 2020 following a career as a corporate lawyer, then ops leader for globally successful kiwi start-ups Mish Guru and noissue. After running the MVP launch of Tracksuit, he was seconded to be co-CEO of the company. Under his leadership Tracksuit grew to $3.2M in ARR in under 24 months, and has completed one of the most hotly contested VC rounds in recent years. Connor brings unique insight into the commercial and operational aspects of the start-up companies we work with.
Brand Fund 1: Investor Experience
Investors receive immersive two-monthly reports which provide commentary on portfolio companies and key fund metrics, alongside all key company updated received and recent PR.
Investors receive access to an industry leading Investor Portal where they can access granular information and data on portfolio companies, export statements, review company updates and legal docs, and benchmark their portfolio performance against industry averages.
Investors are invited to a range of networking, educational, and investment events, hosted both by Previously Unavailable and Icehouse Ventures, including NZ's largest venture investor event 'Showcase' held annually at Spark Arena.
We are taking investments in the fund until the end of 2023.

Please do get in touch to find out more.
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Simon Pound
Previously Unavailable
+64 21 376 863
Barnaby Marshall
Icehouse Ventures
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Important Notice and Disclaimer
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