In 2015, Spark asked us to help envision the future of their category and business…


We identified several innovation territories through which Spark could play a more valuable role in their customers' lives.

Galvanised by the process and outcomes, they then asked us to make a film showing how that innovation could transform a day in the life of a Spark customer in 2025.

The film was used as a way to inspire Spark's staff and featured in a branded content partnership with NZME, exploring New Zealand's tech future.

The impact the Spark Life 2025 film had on staff was extraordinary. It made the intangible conversations about innovation and our future seem real to people. For once everybody really got where we’re going and felt excited and special about being part of Spark.
— Jason Paris, Former CEO, Spark NZ Home, Mobile & Business

We provided the following innovation services to Spark:

1 Innov Strategy.png
2 Opp Discovery.png
4 Ideation.png
3 Customer Research.png

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