To Sanford, New Zealand’s largest fishery, marine nutraceuticals represented a high-value addition to their traditional seafood business. But consumer brands, e-Commerce and direct-to-consumer models were foreign to their organisation.

Sanford were looking for a rapid, cost-effective process that would enable them to test a new brand, product and model in-market with minimal risk.

Over the course of just a few months we created the Sea To Me brand, product, packaging, business model, subscription back-end and third-party logisitics, website and launch marketing content - meeting all regulatory requirements and operating within risk profile of a large, publicly-traded corporate.



The full story…

Nutraceutical businesses are rarely vertically integrated - usually they just package and market commodity ingredients, meaning that traceability and quality control information is vague at best.

Not only do Sanford grow and harvest their Greenshell Mussels, they own the flash-drying process that creates their potent mussel powder. We reasoned that this ‘catch to capsule’ story would make for a compelling platform for a direct-to-consumer brand shipping marine nutraceuticals on subscription.

‘Sea To Me’ was both the brand name and the concept for the business - a uniquely integrated nutraceutical business that could give the consumer absolute visibility from the mussel farms in Marlborough to the delivery of the product to the customer’s home.

Building on the science of Greenshell Mussel and its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, we created the brand’s first product - Active Inflammation Management - and used clear and colourful packaging to differentiate against a wall of boring white plastic containers, while also nodding to the ‘transparency’ of the brand.

Working with Mainfreight, we created a subscription platform that totally automates the monthly delivery of the product to subscribers, with minimal operational or customer service requirement from Sanford.

We provided the following innovation services to Sanford:


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