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The Insides Company

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The Insides Company is a medical device innovator and manufacturer, targeting colorectal surgeons with novel medical devices that assist in the treatment and recovery of colorectal surgery patients.

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The Insides Company manufactures a world-first medical device used to improve the treatment of one of the world’s most common cancers.

The Insides System has a significant impact on patient mortality and morbidity while considerably reducing the overall cost of patient care and was developed by a team of world-leading surgical specialists to become the new global standard of care. 

Successfully clinically trialled and already being used by surgeons in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and continental Europe, the device has also been awarded ‘Breakthrough Medical Device’ status by the FDA – a rare distinction that puts The Insides Company on a priority path through the US FDA system.

To tell their story we created their Series-A pitch investor pitch, and to introduce their technology we produced their explainer video.

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