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BoardPro needed a brand as engaging, dynamic and professional as their company and product. We worked with them to define their UVP, most influential customer and mission, and then created the brand, website and key customer videos that have underpinned years of successful growth in NZ and into Australia.

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BoardPro came to us with a clear request: they wanted help with a brand story, strategy, identity and key assets that could capture what made the high-growth company so special, and power the next stage of market expansion.

BoardPro had something very common in fast-growing companies, a website and brand that followed a lot of best-practice conventions, but as a result of hitting many of the most common methods for success, was not differentiated from its industry, and so didn’t serve to help set them apart or help grow their business past the pack.

Having identified this they were keen to create a big change in their approach and impact, and act more like the product and service leader that were in their brand also. 

Through our brand strategy foundation process we helped them identify the most powerful customer type that the brand could work to convert, and then with a clear persona in mind created a brand that was at the front of contemporary professional services and business to business design. The brand had extremely strong customer advocates, with progressive businesses raving about the product and service. Having identified the most powerful personas, we then created a customer testimonial strategy and delivered concise engaging video testimonials for key market segments that through the contemporary inclusions and quality production served to make the brand personal, energetic and relevant in market. 

We helped to bring all the great stories within the company to the market, and this approach of creating energy, impact and connection has helped the company successfully expand into Australia, and solidify its market leadership in New Zealand. 

We’ve loved working with the team, and loved seeing the way they so strongly adopted the ethos and approach of the brand to execute it terrifically.

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