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We worked with Become, a new kind of financial advisory, to communicate and brand their unique all-of-life connected approach to finance, where they aim to be one of the best things to ever happen in a client’s life.

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Become are a different kind of financial advisory, they offer wealth services for all the people who think they probably aren’t wealthy for that kind of thing! 

They piloted their unique all of financial life approach to helping people get ahead working with doctors, as part of the largest medical recruitment and financial advisory in Australasia. After working with predominantly junior doctors to help them structure their insurance, investments, property and mortgage broking, they found that their average client was on track to be millions better off by retirement. 

They also saw that their approach could help thousands more New Zealanders, but that most of the people they could help didn’t think they were wealthy enough for wealth building services. They found that the average couple who’d owned a house for a couple of years could hugely benefit, and that the earlier they started, the more they would gain. However, by the time most normal people got around to thinking about it, they had missed years of great opportunities. 

The whole wealth and financial advisory industry suffers from brand headwinds due to how some parts of the industry acted years ago, before current regulations and oversight were enacted. We needed to work to create a brand and story that could help to make a comprehensive process simple, and create trust and confidence and action from an audience that traditionally might not know the service was for them, and might be wary.

We worked with the team to tell the stories of the leadership, their purpose and their experience with doctors, and created an approachable brand, message and website to inspire people to action, and to achieve their best life.

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