What do you do exactly?

We help companies who want to innovate, by bringing a range of essential innovation capabilities and experience to those companies. 

We work with our clients to help them understand their customer and market, develop concepts for new products or businesses, validate those concepts, then design and produce them with a focus on creative and design excellence.

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What do you mean by ‘innovation’? 

We generally mean the creation of a new product, service, experience, platform, brand or business.

Our projects tend to be commercially oriented (i.e. they have a revenue stream attached to them) and creatively ambitious (i.e. they are about creating something very new and different).

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What sorts of companies do you usually work with? 

We work across every sector, with businesses from the earliest start-ups to the largest corporates. The things that define our clients are a high degree of ambition and a desire to do something ground-breaking or disruptive.

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How much does it cost to work with you?

That all depends on the project. Our engagements start at around $3,000 for a very small piece of work involving one of our disciplines. A comprehensive innovation process for a large corporate will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are happy to provide cost estimates and ballparks for any project and can usually give you these within 2-3 days.

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Do you provide services in return for equity?

Yes we do, in the cases of businesses we have a high degree of belief in. We consider this way of working an investment, and so require a level of due diligence before committing.

We normally look to take a very small shareholding in return for only the services a fledgling company truly needs.

And we have a very open and transparent method of calculating a fair equity remuneration structure.


We already have lots of creative / research / design agency partners – how are you different?

We’re different in three key ways:

Firstly, innovation is our core focus and capability. It isn’t something we dabble in alongside a different core discipline - it’s 100% of what we do. Because of this we have a unique depth of expertise in innovation.

Secondly, we have genuine experience creating, launching and managing our own venture businesses. Because of this we understand what it takes – beyond simply having novel ideas - to innovate successfully.

Thirdly, we have specialisation and experience across every aspect of innovation – from the research and strategy planning to the ideation and prototype development to the design of the product or platform, to the creation of the business model and the brand. Because of this we work with a focus, speed and cost efficiency that is impossible to achieve with a group of  disparate partners. 

Why are you called Previously Unavailable?

Because we love creating things that didn’t exist before!

Are you an advertising agency? 

No – although brand strategy and brand creation is part of what we do, we don’t provide advertising or other communications services. When it comes to launching an innovation, we work with our clients’ advertising and marketing agencies on anything communications related.

Can I involve you in a pitch? 

We don’t participate in pitches – but we are always happy to have you in, show you the work we do and discuss your project or business.

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